Being on the Internet has its benefits. You meet people, learn things and live updated with the happenings but what about your privacy.

Well, in the present times there is no such thing as privacy in the online world. The trackers are watching all your browsing activity and whatever you do is getting recorded by one or the other.

Yes, everything comes at a cost. But you don’t want your personal data to fall into wrong hands, right? So, safeguard it before it is compromised.

And many browser extensions are there which help you do so. But which ones to download? Well, here goes the list of 5 best browser extensions to help strengthen your cybersecurity.

  • uBlock Origin

It is an open-source browser extension for filtering webpage content and ad-blocking. But there are many ad blockers, how’s uBlock any different?

It doesn’t slow down the loading of web pages as much as other blockers do and also use less CPU time. So, you can browse faster without worrying about the ads.

Apart from ad blocking, it has different filter lists to keep away malware sites, tracking servers and other privacy invaders.

When a browser tries to load the requested content, uBlock checks for the things to be filtered out. But in doing so, it doesn’t load all the lists.

Only those needed for that webpage gets loaded, the result of which is faster load time.

Also, users can create their own filters if they want. uBlock Origin is available for many popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Decentraleyes

decentraleyes logoThis browser add-on protects you (a bit) from tracking by Google, Microsoft and other CDN hosting companies. CDN what? Rather than writing codes every time someone has to create a website, developers use some universal codes from shared libraries.

These libraries include useful java-scripts or jQuery codes and people put a reference to these from their web pages.

These shared codes are hosted on what is known as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). But CDN hosting doesn’t come free.

And companies like Google and Microsoft offer it for free. So, many website developers use those CDNs.

What Decentraleyes does is that it stops requests from reaching these big data centers. But if the request is not completed, pages break down and to prevent this, Decentraleyes serves local files, stored on your PC. This helps in keeping your data from reaching those third-parties.

It is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

  • HTTPS Everywhere

httpsThis is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and it makes your browsing more secure. Not all sites offer the secure HTTPS authentication, but many do. The problem lies with the actual use.

The default webpage can be using the unencrypted HTTP even if the HTTPS is available or the links may be pointing to the HTTP version.

When you make any page requests, https-everywhere extension rewrites them to use the secure HTTPS connection, if available.

  • Privacy Badger

badger_3A webpage is made up of content from different sources. Be it the article, the ads or the comments section from a third-party, the Privacy Badger extension keeps track of it. If one of the sources is tracking your activity across multiple websites, this addon stops loading content from that source.

Privacy Badger stops trackers and advertisers (and also hackers) from tracking your activity without your permission, and is made for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

  • Ghostery

ghostery_logoWebsites have tracking scripts to collect data about the user’s activity across the web. These codes, the trackers, insert cookies in the browsers which store the required data. The Ghostery add-on detects and prevents such scripts from tracking you.

Once the add-on blocks it, any cookie placed by the tracker is inaccessible to others.

Apart from blocking, it identifies trusted websites where the script blocking is not required and also personalizes the user experience. The Ghostery extension is available on several browsers including Edge, Firefox and Chrome, and also as an app for iOS and Android.

Well, these were some of the best extensions for browsers to strengthen your privacy. But what about privacy in other apps which access the Internet?

To get a system-wide private Internet experience, you need a reliable VPN service. VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) is one of the best ways to keep you protected from anyone spying on your network or any government surveillance.

When you connect to a VPN server, it encrypts your network, and with all those data packets encrypted, no one can know what you are doing online… except you.

What do you say about it ?