It is very important to check whether your server service provides you the full support of TLS and SSL ciphers or not. is a there to test these availabilities of services to your server. is a cryptography technique for SSL checker along with TLS test.

It is an alternate TLS tester and SSL checker for the server service. It provides a clear output which gives you full information about your server. If there goes something wrong on your network server, it helps you find out the problem i.e. you can clearly say whether the network server is going good or bad.

The installation part is also too easy and comfortable with the specification. It not only works fine with Linux but also with Darwin, FreeBSD and MSYS2/Cygwin. Some of the other TLS test and SSL Checker requires to install and configure with the inner specification such as gems, CPAN, PIP etc. but this (TLS TEST and SSL checker) does not require. Not only this much but also the toolbox is heavily supported with several command line options which helps the user to run their test and configure their output according to their requirement.

The main feature of this TLS tester and SSL checker is that it is 100% open source. Considering the open source in mind there is one question raises i.e. ‘Privacy’. This TLS tester and SSL checker provides total privacy by giving them access to see the result to only the user no other third party.tls test and ssl checker

It is working fine and accurate with every Linux distribution out of the box which includes some limitation i.e. some of the features from the OpenSSL client, some work around are done with bash-socket-based checks etc. It also works fine with the BSD and another Unices out of the box which supports /bin/bash along with the standard tool like SED and AWK installed in the system.

Not only the Linux distribution is supported with it, but also MAC and Windows are working with it with the additional requirement that are MSYS2 OR Cygwin.


The normal use case is probably just <hostname>:

Web Front End for testssl.shtls test and SSL checker

  1. Clone the sh-webfrontend repository with its main dependency by the invocation of git clone
  2. Install Python 3 (apt-get install python3) and the Python module Flask by running pip3 install flask.
  3. Install aha (apt-get install aha)2y
  4. Configure, especially application.secret_key, in its configuration section and create the required paths (log, result/html and result/json in the default configuration).
  5. Run or deploy it as WSGI script.

What do you say about it ?