Volkswagen second ID concept would most likely be a self-driving microbus by 2024. The new EV design, Volkswagen’s second concept car in the I.D line, was revealed at this year’s North American International Auto Show. It is a high-tech microbus of the future with an all-electric power train and autonomous driving capabilities.

The I.D buzz concept has a max range of 270 miles on a single charge, and all-wheel drive, with a fully autonomous mode that allows the front seats to be reconfigured to face backwards towards the rear compartment. It consists of modular sitting arrangement which will help you managing seats up to 8 persons. You can also create two luxurious, vehicle length loungers for relaxing by the modular seat arrangement while the car drives itself.

It includes the illuminated VW logo, the new shape of the LED headlamps, the slender taillights and of course the wonderful looking 22 inches alloy wheels. Buzz wears two-tone paint, a silver metallic hue above the seam combined with a Cyber Yellow Pearl Effect finish below it and while that might not look like an ideal combination.

The VW buzz will be the upgraded version of autonomous electric car which is powering the I.D. There is one electric motor installed at the front as well as back.  Buzz can sprint from 0-100 Km/h in just over 5 seconds. It consist of large 111 kWh battery pack which has enough juice for 600-700 kilometers while Volkswagen claims that the batteries can be charged to 80 % in just ½ hour when using fast charger.

There is entertainment system fit inside the car which is also designed to cater to different passenger arrangement, with a big, removable tablet in the center console and an AR-enabled heads up display for overlaying information on your view out the windshield. The car is also used with some intelligent features which will help in remembering who you are using Volkswagen ID, and can also set preferences specific to any individual driver. The entertainment system consists of beats partnership which puts an external speaker with Bluetooth connectivity in-car, which can then be removed for use outside the vehicle.

It gives the best communication system between vehicle and people via lighting system, which includes LEDs outside for the indication like when autonomous driving is engaged with pedestrians, and ambient mode lighting within.

It is great getaway vehicle for families with an adventurous spirit. Whether or not we will see this type of vehicle but VW will make it hit by 2025, with a range of model.

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