During a conference call with analysts following Tesla’s half-moon financial results, CEO Elon Musk said that the Model Y, Tesla’s coming all-electric crossover, are going to be coming back in “2020” or “late 2019” at the best.

Musk describes the vehicle as key to Tesla’s achieving its goal of 1 million cars per annum in 2020.

The temporal order could be a very little later than expected by business watchers since an annual production increase was anticipated for the vehicle to hit a production rate that might have contributed to Tesla’s overall production goal of 1 million units by 2020.

Building a replacement platform could be a long game for car makers. It permits for vehicles to share key elements, so rising margins and producing prices once applied to additional vehicles. Like most car manufacturers, Tesla already will this. The Tesla Model X SUV is constructed on the Model S platform. By building another platform, Tesla is getting ready for its next generation of vehicles. same in a different way, don’t expect a replacement Model S or Model X before the Model Y.

Musk said these days throughout the earnings decision that his company intends to ditch the 12-volt battery design employed in Tesla’s vehicles. this is often same to scale back the number of wiring, reducing the producing method and hopefully up the price. Tesla and alternative energy unit manufacturers ar still dependent on several of the systems and parts — heating, powered seats, pic — employed in ancient vehicles, and every one of those systems run on a 12-volt system. If Musk is eminent in moving off from this platform, he would have to be compelled to convert automobile suppliers to maneuver with him or build a lot of-of the systems in-house.

The business executive mentioned a giant amendment coming back with the new platform: Tesla can get obviate the 12-volt battery design. It suggests that no a lot of accumulator and distinct thanks to power in-car physical science. Musk says that they’re going to cut back the wiring considerably and modify the assembly method.

Less wiring harness suggests that easier automation within the production method and Musk plans a very completely different – a lot of machine-controlled – line for the Model Y. He said that the Model three production lines appreciate the most effective lines within the trade whereas the Model Y line is “something else”.

As for antecedent options of the Model Y, Tesla hasn’t free plenty of knowledge concerning the vehicle, however, Musk has same that the vehicle can feature ‘Falcon Wing’ doors just like the Model X, that has been controversial among Tesla enthusiasts.

Last year, we have a tendency to asked our readers if they’d need Falcon Wings on their Model Y and out of the five,480 Electric readers WHO took the poll, 58 same that they didn’t need a lot of complexed door system.

Considering we have a tendency to currently learn that the vehicle is a brand new platform additional down the road, I’d assume that nothing is ready in stone at now.

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