rc8003IBM has again teamed up with LM (Local Motors) for Automotive to create Olli, a self-driving electric mini bus that can carry up to 12 passengers. It is full facilitate and well build using 3D printing based on the boxy which is a versatile contest-winning design of Edgar Sarmiento.

The look of the bus has kept in mind and made very stylish and attractive. It’s slim which hold only 12 passengers at a time. It has also made to answer questions and interact with those passengers. It uses Watson to answer questions about how Olli works; passengers would like to go, why it has stopped, what is the next stop and what Olli’s doing at the time. The passengers can also ask the question about the places like the closest restaurant that serves Mexican food. It can also reply the general weather forecast for the particular day.

Olli uses 4 of Watson’s development APIs to interact with passengers. They are Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Natural Language Classifier, and Entity Extraction. It has also included with cloud-based computing to analyze the data gathered by the 30 onboard sensors and learn from that data. Those sensors help in picking up not only environmental cues that enables autonomous driving but also, as a part of the Internet of Things, Olli can use streaming data from connected devices.

Considering the future generation, Olli is used on public roads in the Washington DC, area near the new LOCAL MOTORS facility in National Harbor, MD. More Ollies are being built at the company’s headquarters in Phoenix. Those Ollies could be put into use in Miami, where officials are exploring around the south Florida city.

The main mission of Olli is to make autonomous riding fun, safe and sustainable and apparently adorable.

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