The powerful satellite has gone into orbit to provide 300 Gigabytes per second Wi-Fi speed in airplanes.

In flight, the Internet has become a terrible experience for the passengers. But with the new technology, the passengers can get the better experience in connectivity with better bandwidth at a competitive price.

The satellite has launched on an Arianne rocket to orbit it to provide better connectivity for the plane passengers.

ViaSat-2 station has the total throughput capacity of about 300 Gigabytes per second which provide that passengers a better Wi-Fi in the sky. The spacecraft was part of a dual payload on Arianne Flight.

The aim of both satellites is to provide Wi-Fi on airplanes. Airlines are in the way to progress the technique and technology in the planes which provide better Wi-Fi to their passengers. This will boost the connectivity of smartphones and other devices inside the plane.

Onboard Wifi Service
Onboard Wifi Service

According to the report, more than 6000 commercial aircraft worldwide were offering an onboard Wi-Fi service in 2016. But it is expected that by the year 2021 the number will increase more than 17000.

ViaSat-2 provide broadband service to fixed customers across North America, Central America, the Caribbean and a portion of Northern South America.

ViaSat-2 chief operating officer, Rick Baldridge said, “We think people want to use their devices in the air the way they do on the ground, that’s the bet we have made.”

He also added, “JetBlue delayed their inflight Wi-Fi offering, waiting for us and now they are giving it away for free and we are providing 12 Megabytes per second to every seat including streaming video.”

Pacome Revillion also said, “Going to 2020, approximately 50% of aircraft will have opted for their chosen connectivity solution and certainly all the major airlines will have made that choice.”

Let’s see the new world age by then which can provide Wi-Fi connectivity even in the sky.

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