The habitation on planet Mars has been seen from the Google map 2017. It is found near the Yellowknife bay- the geological formation in gale crater on the Mars found some couple of housing with solar establishment and satellite.

The human mission to Mars is like the subjects of science fiction, engineering and scientific proposal since the 19th century. The scientist and researchers are on the way to find the habitat environment on the Mars. They are numbers of mission working on the topic to reach to the Mars with suitable human habitat environment.

The researcher and scientists from across the different country are researching on the planet Mars to find the suitable environment for human habit so called the “second earth”. We haven’t know that the researchers and scientists have gone to the Mars and made their research laboratories on the planet Mars.

Habitation on Mars

While exploring the mars planet through the Google map, it is found something new and interesting and shocking. We found some habitation on the planet Mars with some houses, research labs, solar plants, and satellite.

At the center of the gale crater, a white spot is noticed which feed us some new to the planet mars. On zooming gale crater between Yellowknife Bay and Aeolus Polos, the habitation environment is found.

The area is between the Yellowknife Bay and Aeolus Polos which shows the couples of houses made with the solar plants and a large satellite. It is also found that there are few vehicles in the area with their tracks. According to us, it was not an edited. The covered area is not small and natural which indicates a fake image. If it is not the fake image taken by Google map then what it is?

This can be hidden project of some research team or can be a secret mission. The houses, solars plants, research labs, and satellite found indicates that the researcher has reached to the planet Mars for the experiments and made their habitation.

The image found is quite shocking to us. If it is part of some secret mission, then we can predict that the planet mars is going to become the second earth in next coming few years.

What do you say about it ?