Now, Artificial Intelligence can predict the age of patient having heart disorder and other diseases.

The Artificial Intelligence is now able to measure the lifespan of those patients who are having heart diseases by analyzing the heart disorder.

The software used learned to analyze the blood test and scans of beating hearts to spot signs when the organ will be about to fail or heart beat stops.

The Medical Research Council team from the UK said, ” Technology can save the life of thousand patients that they need to know that they need more aggressive treatment.”

The patient can also get more details on their disorder. This system can help them take appropriate action on treatment more wisely. The researchers at MRC London Institute of Medical Science were investing patients with Pulmonary hypertension.

With the current Health recorded the patients on the heart are more than other. This includes like blood pressure, sugar, heart failure, Heart attack etc. High blood pressure in the lungs damaged part of the heart and about a third of patients die with five years of diagnosed.

The treatment for those is simple such as drugs, injections straight into the blood vessels, a lungs transplant etc. But the doctors have to know how long patients might have left to choose the correct treatment according to time. This is now supported by our this New Artificial Intelligence.

Virtual 3D heart

The system uses MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the heart together with the blood test and other observation. The system measures different movements during each heartbeat and it was estimated with over more than 30,000 movements per heartbeat. With this information’s, it created a Virtual 3D heart of each individual and automatically learned which features were the earliest predictors of the heart failure and death. ¬†Dr. Declan O’Regan said, ” This is the first time computer have interpreted heart scans to accurately predict how long patients will live.”

The team now testing this Artificial Intelligence to other patients in different hospitals before releasing it to doctors.

Dr. Mike Knapton from British Heart Foundation said, ” This exciting use of AI in clinical practice will help doctors in the future to make sure that patients are receiving the correct treatment. This can help from getting the worst condition of patients.”

“Let’s hope this technology gets to us as soon as possible”


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