The future is coming with different potential. There are more of the new technologies and smart devices which a threat to the humanity of the people. It has also been shown in different movies such as Ex Machine, Transcendence, and Elysium which clearly show the anthropomorphic interpretations of AI having human qualities.

Artificial Intelligence is a simple software but now it software has human qualities and emotions. The live example of AI having human qualities and emotions is IBM’s Watson. It is simply a type of AIL, but it surprises the human minds giving answers based on some sort of algorithms, statistical understanding, and machine learning.

Computer, its software and other related things can be taught to understand and feel like human beings through machine learning. Machine learning is simple training type class to the software and computer to behave in a certain manner based on the statistical pattern. These software and computer are taught every day with a specific chapter and they cannot go beyond those limitations. But they are accurate in compared to the human mind. Human mind and understanding can be sometimes proved wrong or full of errors, but the software or computer having machine learning cannot be wrong and have errors. It always works on that algorithm and specific statistical pattern and never crosses the limitations.

AI COMPUTERWith the help of this machine learning, it is possible that in few hundred years software become sentient and it would be a treat to the humanity.

We had never imagined that the machine could have come this far and there is no doubt that in few years they would also have the same emotion that we do- anger, greed, envy etc. And if this comes into the world, it would be a great problem to the human mind and human resources.

Here is a short trailer of the movie named “Eagle Eye” which clearly show the machines as the thread to the humanity.

Everything in the world has both good and bad aspects. For an instance nuclear, which is a most glaring example of nuclear bombs and nuclear power. Even the scientists know that the artificial intelligence is a threat to the humanity. They could increase to colossal levels and might be able to modify themselves (self-learning) to increase its intelligence, and this will continue until they reach the apex.

With this theory, AI will pose a threat to humanity and this will no more will be science fiction. The process has been started from long back ago. As of now, we have some of the examples in our surrounding take a look and find out.

After getting full threat from the AI, we might start working on creating uber- intelligent AI. To overcome this problem in future, we can create Turing Police which will act as a good AI and catches the bad AI.

AI threat

In movies, we have such threats and defeating humanity. For an instance, the nefarious Skynet from the ‘Terminator’ movie, Ultron from Avengers and many more such movies came close to defeating humanity. And in the real world also, we are moving in the same direction together with artificial intelligence.

It has already covered most of the part of our technologies such as automated industrial systems to self-driving cars and smart gadgets. The best example of AI gone wild in the real life is of Microsoft chatbot Tay. In this way, AI will pose a different kind of threat to humanity in future.

These threads will be from AI because they lack common sense or interpret our commands to literally. It will also be thread not only by their common sense or interpret but also by our activities. We seek an easy method of work to be done or someone else to make the work done, this is enhancing the use AI. For an instance smart home, we want to get connected with each and everything inside our home to operate from one place. But what if someone hacks the system and manipulate it according to their way, will that house be yours, what if someone injects the virus, what if the system fails. The consequences of these actions will be worse than we imagine and this is because of our demands. There is no way we can be certain that we will be able to minimize such errors.

Let’s not forget that it is the human beings who create the AI to make certain aspects of life better and easy.

What do you say about it ?