Programming Languages

Language is a system of communication. As like human, computers also need certain kind of language for communication between user and computer. In this case, computer programming language works like a bridge between user and computer for communication. Programming language consists of all the symbols, characters and usages rules that permit people to communicate with computers. There are hundreds and thousands of programming languages as of now. Some of these are created to serve a special purpose (controlling a robots, satellites etc), while others are more flexible general purpose tools that are suitable for many types of applications.

In other words, ” A programming language is a set of written symbols that instructs the computer hardware to perform a certain task. Typically, a programming language consists of a vocabulary and sets of rules that the programmer must learn.”

 Since the development of computers, programming languages are also developed in a drastic way. The development of programming languages is on the basis of generation.

First Generation of Programming Languages

  • Uses machine languages only
  • No other options were available

Second Generation of Programming Languages

Third Generation of Programming Languages

  • Uses High-Level Languages
  • Provide Programs that can be used on more than one type of machine with very few changes
  • Allows the programmer to focus on understanding the users need and design of the software.
  • Python, Ruby, and Common Lisp etc are some languages.

Fourth Generation of Programming Languages

  • Know as very High-level languages
  • Non-procedural language
  • Minimizes the user effort to obtain information from a computer.
  • Increases speed.
  • C, C++, C#, Java, and JavaScript are popular languages

Fifth Generation of Programming Languages

  • Uses Natural Languages
  • Know as Advanced level languages
  • Used in AI, Smart Computer System

If you are a general computer user then it is very much important to learn some of the basics of programming languages which are trending currently. Without being the computer software engineer if you able to learn programming languages, you can create programs of you own and name as a software engineer.

Here are some programming languages:

    1. JAVA


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