Royal Enfield Planning to Buy Ducati Royal Enfield is also getting to purchase Italian bike brand Ducati, a modern report has indicated. German automobile conglomerate Volkswagen owns Italian brand Ducati and has reportedly approached Royal Enfield to amass Ducati, a report within the ‘Times of India’ has expressed. Volkswagen is considering choices to fund its multi-billion monetary unit shift to developing electrical vehicles following the emissions scandal and one amongst those choices is to sell the Ducati brand. in keeping with recent reports, VW has already employed investment bank Evercore, probably to judge this value of Ducati. So far, there is been no confirmation, either from Royal Enfield or from Ducati. Ducati’s parent company Volkswagen has reportedly approached Royal Enfield

In 2016, Ducati announces sales of 593 million Euros, selling over 52,000 motorcycles worldwide. Ducati’s annual earnings for VW area unit estimated to be around one hundred million Euros, and therefore the Italian brand’s current market valuation is estimated to be over one.5 billion Euros.

“I have a general read on such things. we have a tendency to area unit invariably receptive thoughts and concepts. however as you recognize, we have a tendency to area unit the foremost focused and selective company… therefore essentially, while not spoken communication completely no to something – as a result of we have a tendency to never say never – we have a tendency to area unit zeroed in on our own chance that we have a tendency to don’t wish something to distract the USA,” Siddhartha Lal, MD & CEO, Eicher Motors is quoted by the days of India.

A part of Eicher Motors, Royal Enfield is one amongst the foremost profitable automobile brands within the world. Royal Enfield is increasing sharply in overseas markets with direct sales and distribution subsidiaries in North America and Latin America, and a robust presence in Europe and even Australia. the days of India reports sources as spoken communication that Eicher Motors is already examining terms associated with the Ducati acquisition and doable selling price.

Royal Enfield has been growing exponentially over the past decade. In April 2017, Royal Enfield announces its highest-ever monthly sales of over 60,000 bikes in one single month. In 2016-17 Royal Enfield sold-out over 6.6 hundred thousand motorcycles, a growth of nearly 32 p.c over the previous year. Royal Enfield claims a market share of 96 percent within the mid-size bike section and includes a capitalization of over Rs 52,000 crore.

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