The court in Pakistan sentenced a man Taimour Raza to death for posting blasphemer content to Facebook.

Taimour Raza was convicted after allegedly posting remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, his wives, and companions within the site’s comments.

“It is believed that this is the first time the death penalty had been awarded the case related to social media,” said Public Prosecutors.

The Facebook has announced last year in March about the blasphemer content posting. They were deploying a team to Pakistan to address the government’s concern about the blasphemer content. In another hand, they also concern about the privacy of the user posting on their account. But this blasphemer content sentenced a death to a man.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has described that the blasphemer is an unpardonable offense which leads Taimour Raza to death.

The case was heard by an anti-terrorism court in Bahawalpur. His defense lawyer said, “The 30-year-old become involved in the argument about Islam on the Social Network.”

The public prosecutor also said, “Raza arrested after playing the hate speech and blasphemous material from his phone at the bus stop.”

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