Google has announced youtube go, a new app designed to broaden the accessibility of video even in an area with low internet connectivity. This was design for another platform not for android but now YouTube Go has released the android version. YouTube Go allows users to save videos for offline viewing, giving options over quality and file size so it’s clear how much data a download will use. The app also gives the facility to share with the nearby users without using any data.

Now the android users can install the YouTube Go to their android device directly from the Google Play Store. However, this app is still in beta version and is only available for download as a part of Google’s early access programme. The app only provides the standard and Basic quality of download to the android device but in future, there is the probability of getting HD options too. There are many features that are skipped in this app such as the ability to swipe down the currently playing video and browse other content at the same time. But it provides you with the preview option before you download any video.

There are some new features that are included in it such as opening the app, you will have to choose your preferred language, you will be asked to enter your cell phone number for the time verification which will help you in sharing your videos with your friends, later on, choosing your current synced Google accounts. There are different Indian regional languages included in this app.

At the home tab, there will be some recommended videos and search option through which you can search your desired video. On tapping a particular video you will be asked two option, first for previewing online and second for downloading the video. Apart from this, the app also shows the option of the quality of the video i.e. ‘Basic’ and ‘standard’ with the amount of memory it will take on your device.

Once you tab to download, you can then navigate to the ‘saved’ tab placed on the right where you can send and receive videos from your friends.

This app has removed some of the interesting features like different tabs for Trending, Subscriptions and Recommended. It can be hit amongst the people it is targeted to, till then, what do you say about this new YouTube Go app?

What do you say about it ?


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