Is your smart wallet featured with IoT, Bluetooth, power bank, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS tracker, and Anti-thief camera? No, then here is the world’s best Intelligence featured smart wallet – Volterman Smart Wallet.

The world is moving from smart to smarter and so is its technologies. Everyone wants their accessories featured with IoT and great Intelligence. We have all seen the technologies in smartphones, televisions, research projects, etc. but not in the wallet. This volterman is the most versatile smart wallet which is discovered yet.

The wallet is a very simple thing and easy to lose, as of today I have lost more than 3-4 wallet which holds all the credit card, debit cards, IDs, and money. I always guessed there should be some tracking device installed in the wallet so that the people who lose their wallet can get easily. And here it came “Volterman Smart Wallet”.

It is featured with intelligence function which makes this wallet unique from other wallet and smarter in functioning. The features are described below. Let’s take a look at the features of Volterman smart wallet and how it helps in making a smart wallet in the market.

Built-in Power Bank

volterman smart wallet wireless chargerIt includes built-in power bank for the smartphones to charge in emergency battery low. The power of the battery is ranged from 2000 mAh to 5000 mAh depending upon the types of wallet. This feature helps you to charge your smartphones in case the battery is critically low or dead. This built-in power bank will charge your smartphone on the go.

volterman smart wallet wired charging

It is provided with both feature i.e. wireless and wired. You might have a question, it must be heavy since it has power bank. No, it is not, it is extremely lightweight and thin because it is built with enhanced technology which gives lightweight power bank.

Distance Alarm (To notify about your Phone or Wallet)

It is very obvious that everyone forgets their smartphone or wallet while you are visiting somewhere or using it at some places. In such cases, it is very important to look at this feature.

volterman smart wallet distance alarmVolterman smart wallet provides a distance alarm feature which will notify you every time you leave your wallet behind. Not only the wallet but also when you leave your smartphone behind, it sends alarm signals to your phone as well as your wallet. In case you forget your phone, volterman smart wallet provide you a push button which will ring your smartphone after pushing that button.

The best part in this is that even your smartphone is in silent mode, it starts ringing to notify where your phone is. This system has collaborated with Bluetooth alarm system which gives a seamless connectivity between your wallet and smartphone.

Global Wi-Fi Hotspot

volterman smart wallet global wifiAre you tired of more expensive data roaming? Then here you go, volterman smart wallet provides you global Wi-Fi hotspot to ensure you have chief internet wherever you travel. The cost of this internet provided from global Wi-Fi hotspot is 3 times cheaper than the regular roaming charges.

Now you don’t have to worry about expensive data. So with volterman smart wallet, you say no more expensive data roaming.

Worldwide GPS Tracker

It’s a world’s experience that the wallet thief is smarter than the holder. They thief your wallet in a blink of your eyes and you still don’t know about it. Most of the people might have experienced in the crowd or during travel where they lose their wallet. But don’t worry volterman smart wallet provide you worldwide GPS tracker for your wallet.

volterman smart wallet GPSWorldwide GPS tracker helps you tracking your wallet globally from anywhere. Volterman smart wallet provides this worldwide GPS tracker to secure you from thieves and loss by giving you real-time tracking system of your wallet. This feature is provided by volterman smart wallet to the user for free of cost.

During the prototype demonstration, it was tracked from Australia to Alaska. This tracker shows the full travel path that the wallet holder traveled.

Thief Detection Camera

Is your wallet got stolen and you still don’t know who theft your wallet. Here in volterman smart wallet, a special camera is built to capture your thief identity.

volterman smart walletVolterman smart wallet provides your wallet with a tiny camera which captures the picture of the person or thief. The camera is placed in the top middle left side which is hidden from the unknown user. It is made for the purpose of tracking who opened your wallet and what he took from the wallet. The storage of these photos is built in the volterman application from the Google play store. This feature helps you get your wallet back from your thief.

Prototype Demonstration Video

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