Virtual Reality best application will help all the surgeon to practice the surgery on VR surgery. Yes, VR is now capable of providing that features.

Being a surgeon is not an easy task. They have to be more conscious during the operation. We all know that our inner part of the body is very sensitive, even a mistake cut inside our body will lead us to death. This implies the surgeon should be well experienced with the surgery to make no mistake on the surgery table. But this can not be true because at every stage everyone is new to the things like the new surgeon.

New surgeon need practice on surgery before they come to the real surgery table. This is now possible with the VR. This can be a virtual reality best application which provides a platform for surgeons to practice their surgery on VR. Fundamental VR located in London and Guildford has added an additional haptics element to virtual reality which provides medics to go through the surgery process virtually. It will provide a virtual experience on surgery and other completed parts of the human body which is complicated when it comes to the real-time practice.

This virtual reality application includes the HoloLens headset and also a software with a stylus which is connected to a standard issue mechanical arm.  The stylus has taken the place of a syringe in real-time. It appears as a syringe when using VR. It consists of two buttons which provide a feature to fill and empty the syringe.

Virtual Reality Best Application
Virtual Reality Best Application – student taking look at the human body using HoloLens (image: Getty Images)

When the stylus is moved in the real world scenario, it moves the syringe in the simulation and when needle meets the virtual skin, flesh, or bones, there will be a transmission of resistances through the stylus to the user which provide a powerful facsimile of a real-live body.  The first virtual reality application in a medical field is set up to resemble a total knee arthroscopy. It was a custom build for the drug company Pacira to teach a medical user how to do a procedure using one of its products in the clinic.

Virtual Reality Best Application
Virtual Reality Best Application – student taking look at the human heart using HoloLens (image: ZDNet)

The future of medical VR, then, is going to be a mixture of teaching students and professionals a way to do high-volume, routine operations of the sort that are done hour when hour in hospitals across the world, similarly on understand niche procedures that clinicians at the very best level could only see once or double in their lives.

Either way, whereas doctors are practicing the abilities they have to perform the procedures, they’re going to be learning virtually, creating their mistakes away on a computer system and perfecting their techniques long before they get to use them on their patients.

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