Have you heard about the devices and technologies of the Smart Home system? It’s time to see the advantages of using such gadgets! Let’s talk about the 20 most useful electronic helpers for solving various household tasks.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vaccum cleaner is also popularly known as  Robovac. A compact electronic cleaner detects and travels around obstacles itself. Before you leave the house, run the cleaning program, and the clever device will send the house to shine during your absence. 

robot vaccum cleaner
robot vaccum cleaner

Robot alarm clock

robot alarm clock
robot alarm clock

Do you turn off the alarm in the morning and sleep on? With an intelligent alarm clock, you will rise instantly. The trick is that to turn off the signal, you have to catch a smart device that rolls around the room first! The device name is Clocky. It consists of a double wheel which hides during the alarm time. Now you can’t turn off the alarm – for that you have to find the alarm first.

Wireless LED Lighting System

Are you tired of uncomfortable switches? Install a new generation lighting system. With it, you can turn on and off the light via Wi-Fi on your smartphone. This exists in simple homes too, and very useful. Now get free from boring switches. 



If you are scared of electricity bills, replace conventional radiators with a healer. In addition to the economy, the main feature of the gadget is in its dual purpose: the healer is also a bed. Bediator is a best designed retractable floor which can be used as a comfortable bed. It can be activated through simple button given on the side panel.

Smart Faucet

smart faucet

This gadget saves more than 56,000 liters of water per year. Another advantage of the device is hygienic. With it, you can turn on and off the water without touching the valves, which simply do not exist. It is also an additional method of saving water.


  Wireless Speakers

I used to get exhausted solving wire of my home-theater when I switch from smart-television to my laptop. But now, there comes a solution to those speakers: Ultra-modern speakers which are controlled using an application installed on the smartphone. Enjoy the flawless sound of your favorite tracks downloaded from the Internet!

Electronic book with adjustable backlight

If your habit of reading before going to sleep interferes with your partner, buy an e-book with built-in LED backlight. The backlight brightness is easily adjustable, which ensures comfortable reading even in total darkness.

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are most used street light sources which are integrated with special panels i.e. Photovoltaic Panels. The panel is mounted on the lighting structure itself.  Smart lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Sensory security systems for windows and doors

When trying to enter the home security system sends a warning message to the smartphone. Now through this technology, you can make your home full secure. 

Thermal Leak Detector

With the help of this device, you can easily find the places where the draft blows into the apartment. The detector is useful also for checking the efficiency of the operation of refrigerators, freezers and automotive cooling systems.

Shower water counter

The device displays the volume of water used and its temperature. The gadget works with the energy produced by running water.

Body Analyzer

Take care of your own health with a clever device that looks like scales! Together with the body mass, the device measures the heart rate, percentage of body fat and indoor air quality. The metrics can be synchronized with the mobile application. You can set goals that you want to achieve.

Body analyzer

Reusable drying balls

Keep the softness of the fabric and accelerate the drying of washed clothes. Reduce the washing by 25%. Balls are made of natural material and are safe for use with any fabric. The principle of operation consists in placing balls between tissues during washing, promoting better penetration of air and water.

Motion Sensor PowerStrip

If you leave the room for more than 30 minutes, the gadget will turn off peripherals to save power.

Refrigerator with touchscreen

By interacting with the application on your smartphone, you track the status of perishable products and compile a shopping list. 

Refrigerator with touch screen
Refrigerator with touchscreen


Waterproof watches allow you to read messages in a chat and check email right from the dial.

smart watch

Media player on solar energy

A media player with Wi-Fi support is charged with solar power. Attach it to the windowpane using the suction cup and listen to the music without worrying about discharging the batteries.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cookware

The Eco cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to clean dishes using ionizing food particles. This gadget will be especially liked by gardeners, because it processes food waste into a fertilizer for plants. Solar energy is used to charge the battery.

Casserole with built-in filter for easy pasta cooking

Thanks to the hybrid design, you can easily merge hot water without fear of burning yourself. The hybrid design of the pan allows you to drain water from the bottom by turning the handle. A special coating of the pot allows you to store food.

Air cleaner with dampening function

An economical air cleaner-humidifier with a USB port will quickly and easily remove unpleasant smells from the apartment, office or car interior. The air cleaner consumes minimum energy, has a removable reservoir for quick refilling.

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