SketchUp Viewer on Microsoft HoloLens is a new technology which is generating a new world ‘Mixed Reality’ to design and architect.

There are many environments which needed reality view rather than just an image on the 2D design or paper. There are many structural marvels which are made with the design amazing and surprised. For instance, Gleaming 2073 foot Shanghai Tower in China, world’s first 3D printed office in Dubai. These designs are made using the mixed reality concept and made the world’s best design.

The theory behind the scene is Rapid prototyping and Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS). The development of RP system is closely tied to the development of app of computing in the industry.

These worlds best design are made by the largest design and architecture firm “Gensler’s”. The company uses the same rapid prototyping and MEMS theory to build this designs.

Similarly, Gensler’s used SketchUp Viewer on Microsoft holoLens. It is a new technology device that mixes the real and virtual images. Microsoft Hololense application in the Windows store and is quickly becoming an essential tool for better, fast and easy way to create, design and collaborate.

SketchUp Microsoft HoloLens
SketchUp Microsoft HoloLens

StretchUp Viewer puts Trimble’s popular 3D modeling software onto Microsoft self-contained, holographic computer. It will allow people to do what Trimble calls experimental design review. The user can walk into the table top and scale as their requirement, check for error flow, pros, and can rotate it. They can also inhabit 3D model 1:1 scale. This model can allow them to naturally “feel” and “understand” a model in physical setting rather than imagination on paper and computer.

There are many areas and projects on which such StretchUp Viewer and mixed reality technology are important. If you want to design a custom staircase, medical labs, medical machines, sports arena, and factory remodels. These are all able to successfully design more accurately if we have the mixed and StretchUp like technology.

SketchUp HoloLens
SketchUp HoloLens

Mixed reality is the next revolutionary step in our ability to communicate the design product. One of the great thing about being able to bring our design material out of the screen space and into real space is that we can interact with the reevaluate our design product in context,” said Alan Robles, Gensler’s fire wide creative media leader.

“We could evaluate the height of the bridge panels and decide if they aesthetically met our requirement and whether we saw any problem,” said Robles. “It allows us to make the better decision on what the ultimate product would look like.”

“The mixed world environment is a great way to communicate complex ideas,” said Aviad Almagor.

These techniques are the challenge for architect, engineers and construction pros. They have been communicating with envisioned space with stakeholders before it exists. The process has gone from vellum drawings and pretty watercolors to 3D computer reading and tiny form model.

These technologies will contribute a great contribution in the coming future in design, architect, and construction. With the help of these technologies, the design and construction accuracy will increase.

It is very hard to imagine the smart home and its design but with StretchUp HoloLens technology, it will be easy to construct design the model by feeling and understanding. This technology can contribute in the many environments where experience environment is prior to the virtual one. For instance, stadium, you need to make sure you are designing a place to enhance the experience of viewing and aborting events.

The mixed reality technology is there in the medical field which is called as 3D printing. It can print the human body parts and more applicable for the disabled peoples.

Over the next few years, the generation for creation and design of model will be easier and with this SketchUp View like technology. They are the developed version of Rapid Prototyping which is overcoming the impossible things.

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