Sesame Workshop and IBM has teamed up together to create first vocabulary learning app powered by IBM’s AI. This AI teacher adapts itself the child’s current reading level and vocabulary range then continues to Intelligently adjust as the child’s vocabulary skills improve.

It was announced last year only that the two company IBM and Sesame will work together on cognitive apps, games, educational toys. The companies have just completed a pilot trial for the app, where it was introduced to over 150 students for the test of this app.

The app is made for the IBM and Sesame Intelligent play and learning platform for preschool and kinder-garden aged children. The features of both IBM and Sesame has implemented their technology into this app to make children learning more easy and comfortable. IBM has provided its best AI platform IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities and Sesame Workshop has provided its best understanding and expertise in the field of early children education.

The app is facilitated with the Sesame Street character along with educational videos and word game to boost the learning of the kids. To operate this app levels, the teacher will be available to change and make the level according to the student’s ability and understanding.

This app also has features to focus on the certain area or words where students are facing the problem and enhance them in very easy way.

A generation ago, ‘Sesame Street’ used the ubiquitous presence of television to reach vulnerable children who did not have access to the learning opportunities that affluent and middle-class kids did. It worked very well,” Sesame Workshop CEO Jeffrey Dunn said when announcing the IBM partnership last year.

He also said, “Educational technology like the platform we’ve created with IBM Watson is a promising new channel for learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, and we are excited to explore it’s further.”


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