A new concept demonstrates the future iPhone 8 with a bezel-less screen and iOS 11.

The French designer by the nickname Ears4D posted a video on YouTube where a concept of a new Apple smartphone with very narrow frames of a display and additional touch-panel under the screen is depicted. It works under the sway of iOS 11 operational system.

In accordance to 1-minute long video, outwardly a smartphone looks like iPhone 7, however it has AMOLED display and practically has no upper or side frames, which is why there is no speaker dynamic but an ultrasound sensor.

Home button with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor is located at the usual spot; however, it is a part of multifunctional sensor panel looking like Touch Bar in MacBook Pro and designed for additional manipulations with the operational system.

Designer names multiple-windows working schedule including unique opportunities of iOS 11, ‘Back” command, made by the swipe to the right on the panel of Touch Bar, the new function of switching of applications and technology of AirDrop 2.0. file exchange.

Iphone 8
Iphone 8

iPhone is turning 10 years in January and accordingly to some data, Apple will present with a device in autumn this year, which will get a great many of differences from the current iPhone generation including flexible OLED-display a biometric scanner input into a screen, glass back panel and support of wireless charging technology.

How close to reality a concept of iPhone 8 from Ears4D turned out to be we shall find out in autumn this year.

In the year 2015 the main designer of Apple Jonathan Paul «Jony» Ive admitted during the interview for New Yorker that he likes OLED-display of Apply Watch. The screen based on Organic Light-emitting diodes makes an impression as if the elements of the interface “swim through space”. He switched on iPhone 6 for comparison.

The whole display was lighted up, said Ive. In his opinion, it makes it look old-fashioned.

ios 11 with iPhone 8
ios 11 with iPhone 8

iOS 11 and iPhone 8 have to put into effect a vision of the modern Jonathan Ive`s smartphone. The dark interface will make it to where bold headlines will be lightened up brightly on the background of the dark panel. In its turn, it will improve readability and create an impressive look, which will underline a text effectively above the rest of the content on the screen. iPhone 8 is going to be the first thing for the sake of which Apply company is to refuse from LCD displays for OLED panels, which were earlier used for Apple Watch only. There are obvious advantages a screen based on light-emitted diodes suggests, flexibility and free form of the screen in particular. But the main this is a deep dark color due to no highlighting.

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