Since ever the people involved in the gaming zone, they are looking for great hardware and PC performance hardware. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) has committed to producing the best gaming laptops 2017 with the enhanced PC performance hardware.

Republic of Gamers commonly known as ROG is owned by the ASUS shop and build by Malik Customs with an aim to put an ever greater emphasis on PC gaming. Republic of Gamers was founded in the year 2006 with an aim to bring a great user experience and PC performance hardware with most innovative hardcore in the environment of gaming zone.

What makes this build unique and stylish with enhanced PC performance is that it is not done in a traditional case but on a vertical wall mount.

Republic of Gamers (ROG)ROG is more than just a gaming hardware. It actively takes part in the global gaming community to know the demand and requirement necessary to truly dedicated gamers and later helping by bringing those gap filled up. It also sponsors many events such as PAX and Dream hack.  Those who are using the ROG know the importance and their contribution to the gaming zone.

It has been recognized as a leader in PC gaming and overclocking performance by Worldwide Media. The products of ROG has won many awards and positive feedback from the hardware pros. With this great positive response from dedicated gamers and the industry, ROG has achieved all the resources and aim it need to keep working on enabling even better experiences which its technology neither sleeps nor its actions.

The hardware configuration of Republic of Gamers (ROG) is at such an extreme requirement fulfillment for the gamer that every gamer wants the ASUS ROG gaming hardware.

Republic of Gamers (ROG)The CPU of the ROG has collaborated with the Intel i7-4790K which enhances the processing speed of the PC and performance as well. The graphics card supported with GPU: ASUS GTX 980 Poseidon which helps in modifying the clock speeds, voltage, fan performances and more. The motherboard of Republic is provided by the ASUS Maximus VII Formula. It is the best hybrid cooling Z97 gaming motherboard with 120 dB SNR, 600 Ohm audio amplifier, and double-sided covers.

ROG has also collaborated with Dark Power Pro 11 850W quiet and most advanced PSU. It has sufficient reserves to support any multi GPU or multi CPU system that the gamer want to build. It also has quiet virtually inaudible silent wings with 3 fans and unparalleled array of noise-reducing enhancement which make it the quietest PSU in its category.

The RAM supported in ROG is given by Kingston HyperX Fury red 1866 MHz 16 GB (4x4GB) which helps in processing the system and loading the processes into the main memory in less amount of time.

There are different mods in the ROG that has been provided as of now such as custom vertical mount, custom sleeving, custom water-cooling loop, custom ROG logo PCI-E cover etc.

The Republic of Gamer ROG has always promised for the absolute leading performance for those who keen on winning power, innovative user controls which deliver true gamer-ruling innovation, and a stylish gamer-focused design to merge the excitement of gaming with unique and premium styles.

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