The Pokemon company has just released a new game with the most offbeat Pokemon-Magikarp Jump.

Pokemon-Magikarp Jump is the game about the nurturing and training them to grow. It’s currently available for iOS and Android.

Magikarp is well known by its weak and unreliable nature. It is the weakest troop in the Pokemon game. Despite all these factors, Magikarps has managed will to get the love and admiration of the fans worldwide. The result is its own video game spin-off Pokemon-Magikarp Jump.

The gameplay of Pokemon-Magikarp Jump is so easy and interesting to the gamers. The Player have to tap on the food that appears on the screen to feed their Magikarp and then complete the Jump training throughout the levels.

In this way, the player has to keep playing with leading them to the high level of successful completion. After the level 20, the descendant takes its place which is much stronger than its predecessor. This makes the game more interesting.

The game gets more interesting and hard on moving further levels as the player get to fish Several variations of Magikarps, including the ones featured patterns on their skin.

The added bonus would be that other Pokemon such as Pikachu or Piplup will also make special appearances in the game to help the Magikarp Grow bolder and stronger.

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