The OnePlus 5 is upgraded to make available for the OnePlus fans with the latest technology and some new features.

The company has stopped releasing OnePlus 3T so OnePlus 5 smartphone is upgraded with the finest technology and features to overcome OnePlus 3T.

According to the reporters, the handset debuts today at a series of pop-up events around the globe. “We are not trying to do anything earth shaking,” the company head of North American Communication Eric Zarshenas told.

“We are trying to do only stuff that we think benefits the user. We believe in the mission of making the best overall offering. It’s not about being first or being different.”

The company is very loyal to the users base. This is why it is coming up with the finest smartphones in the market and users are supporting it with all need. In October, co-founder Car Pie took to Twitter to ask the users if they still like the headphone jacks. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the features have stayed on board for this latest model.

The ones plus 5 is more expensive than its predecessor. The company is providing at $479 for the base model and at $539 for the upgraded version which is cheaper than other compared smartphones.

OnePlus 3T Smartphone
OnePlus Smartphone

It is a well-designed smartphone with the zippy processor, solid battery life, and the good camera. It consists of dual lens camera on the back, the latest Qualcomm processor inside (Snapdragon 835). The secondary camera features a good zooming quality that you can play with pics from a distance too. It also includes the new reading mode which turns the screen Monochrome while you on reading mode. It has included great features “DO NOT DISTURB mode” which you can enable it while you are playing games and a night reading mode.

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