Android Wear 2.0 watch is a big enhancement over the previously, more simple editions of Google’s smartwatch software. Today we got our practical small of the two leading hand watches to release together with Wear 2, the LG Observe Design.

If greater of the two new hand watches, the LG Observe Game, provided us stop because of its hulking, tank-like size, the Observe Design drops on the other end of the variety. This is the most The apple company Watch-like Android operating system smartwatch to date, significance it’s small, smooth and simple.

Google and LG don’t particularly say the LG Observe Design is a female watch, but Google’s product page does only image females dressed in it in way of life photos. With its filter (18-mm) group and more compact size design, it is among the more lady-friendly smartwatches. With that said, I think this titanium-gray design looks excellent on my extremely men wrist: Consider it a unisex design, and a tamer alternative to the gigantic Observe Game.

What it contributes in seductively, it drops in separate functionality: Compared with the LG Observe Game, the Design is a standard Wireless watch (like the Apple Observe and most smartwatches) without its own mobile data or GPS relationships. While the idea of using your watch without a phone might be attractive to a technical fanatic, it’s such a niche use case for most individuals (mostly runners and gym rats) that we don’t think individuals will skip much by going with the less expensive Design.

Another thing it drops, though, is a heart-rate indicator. Considering you can find this feature in quality health and fitness trackers like the US$150 Fitbit Charge 2, it’s frustrating to see this $250 smartwatch skip that health and fitness fundamental. Preferably, a smartwatch will copy everything physical exercise tracking system does, while including enough extra rewards to rationalize it’s more expensive.

While it’s an unabashed ripoff of the Apple company Watch’s Digital Top, I enjoy having the “rotating power button” on these two first Android operating system Wear 2.0 timepieces. It makes scrolling through details, notices, and information simple and fun, removing the need to continuously run your hand across a compact sized show.

While the Style has a lower-resolution screen than the Game, its 299-PPI pixel solidity still looks very distinct. The 1.2-in show size is also awesome while enabling this observe itself to be more compact than its heavy brother.

Of course, you also get Google’s innovative AI, Google’s Associate (previously only available in the Pixel phones). For those factors I’ve used it for, it isn’t much different from its forerunner (Google Now), but its long-term roof is greater. If you don’t thoughts speaking with your observe like Penis Tracy, you can get solutions to many, many concerns without taking out your cellphone.

We’ll have more on the Watch Design in our complete evaluation, but if you’re like me, you may choose this little and wafer to keep an eye on the large Game. Unless you’re a sprinter, it’s quite possible smooth and little will win out over separate.

The LG Watch Design is available now for $250.

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