Tech news is promising the news reader more than they develop in the Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Google’s annual developer conference program helps this week near its mountain view headquarters. At the Google conference, Google company showed off some the best practical application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that I’ve ever seen.

The presentation shows that Google is putting its immense computing power at work.

Here is some announced topic from Google if you have missed the conference:

      • AI Everywhere

AI was the greatest theme of the conference. Google is going to apply high advanced Artificial Intelligence to all of its products. And it starts with the Google Lens.

The app uses image recognition to identify the objects in the camera. Now you cam paint the camera at certain things and places and can tell exactly what it is. You can also point to the restaurant and get an instant menu from the restaurant in different languages. There is lots of application of Google lens. Google didn’t have a date for when google lenses will be available. The conference also didn’t tell anything about the app integration. But according to me if it is integrated with the camera app it will be the most useful way.

      • platform for the researchers for sharing the research paper and tools

Google is also launching a new initiative called to share the research papers, tools and more with the rest of the AI community. The researcher can research on their topic staying away from each other and can also share with each other through This platform will make a great communication between researchers.

      • A Standalone Daydream Headset

Google also announced its Daydream virtual reality (VR) platform last year. At the conference, Google announced that the new Samsung galaxy devices will work with Daydream. This is because until now Samsung devices worked only with Gear VR, an alternative headset that ran the Oculus VR, Owned by Facebook.

Standalone Day Dream view

At the conference, Google said that Samsung manufactures the Gear VR, so allowing its smartphone to be compatible with Daydream. Conference also mentioned that it would be launching two standalone Daydream headsets that wouldn’t require you to add a smartphone in order to make it work. It is partnering with HTC and Lenovo- where Lenovo will be making the device.

“Daydream has had a challenging start,” remarked Geoff Blaber, an analyst with CCS insight.

“Google will hope that a dedicated headset with superior performance will help to further expand the market but the real challenge remains a lack of content.”

      • Photo Tool

According to the BBC, Google’s photo app now has 500 million users. Its secret source of being the use of machine learning to sort through your pictures and understand what they contain.

Google can transform photo like this into


the photo like this

There are lots of situation which tells how people often take pictures but they don’t share them due to some inappropriate click or environments. Now photo tool will customize the photo according to the environment and make it good for sharing. The idea is to remove little friction with photo-sharing.


      • VPS (Visual Positioning System)

I’m in the process of developing a visual positioning system for my academic research. I have always thought about this system since I was away from my home. Now see Google has come to this idea.

VPS looks for recognizable objects around you to work out where you are, with an accuracy of few centimeters. It uses a 3-Dimension Visualization Technology.

Google’s head of Virtual reality, Clay Baror, Said one application would be using VPS, to find the exact location of a product n a large shop (store room).

Visual Positioning System

“GPS can get you to the door,” said Mr. Baror on stage, “and then VPS can get you to the exact item that you’re looking for.” VPS is using Tango technology and the problem is that there are barely any smartphones which having Tango technology supported. This results if VPS is ready today, few people can use it. But Lenovo released Tango-enabled devices last year and another is due sometimes in 2017.

      • Better Google Home

Google announced at the conference about some new features i.e. now you can call using the home device and its voice recognition capability make it possible for different family members to call from their own separate number through the same home device. The example given on the stage was heavy traffic- by referencing Google calendar the assistant was able to know that the user needs to be somewhere at a certain time, but the traffic was heavy.

What do you say about it ?