Machine learning AI has gone a long way that they are present almost in every device that we use. The new E-skateboard called Spectra got Machine Learning AI which is an exciting feature for the skateboard.

Machine learning AI is not only integrated into our cars, phones but now it’s coming with the house smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google home. This indicated that the future of machine learning AI is broad in our daily life.

The Spectra is a tech-infused skateboard. Probably this e-skateboard is only riding the board that is integrated with machine learning. But in future we can assume that there will be bikes, scooters, bicycles etc also get machine learning features.

The E-skateboard called Spectra learns from the rider behavior. The way rider rides the E-skateboard, the AI will learn the each and every iteration fo behaviors depending upon the features. The AI integrated into it, allow the rider to control it completely through the leg movements.

It is constructed with the carbon fiber which makes it lightweight and incredibly resilient at the same time. The size of the E-skateboard is 19.4 inches which are smallest E-skateboard we have ever seen. The size is too flexible that it can be strap into the backpack and can be carried easily anywhere.

There is a specially designed backpack for this Spectra made by the guy at Walnutt – EDC backpack. This backpack allows you to strap the E-skateboard to it. The bag and E-skateboard won the Red Dot Award.

Spectra E-skateboard
Spectra E-skateboard


Like most conventional E-skateboard, the spectra is included with the motor powered ride and external Control like accelerating and deaccelerate. The control is built right into the board itself. These controls get activated when your foot applies body weight against it. You can move forward, turn, brake and the skateboard get it.

In the case of Emergency, if you lose the controls, or speed goes out of control, with the reaction of your body, the skateboard will try to bring you back to track. It is built to feel natural, the riders say if you walk, you can ride spectra very easily.

It is not hard for riding the spectra even if you a new to it. There is a feature which is implemented in such a manner that it will not even begin accelerating until it feels like you are standing on it in a stable position. It is also included with the auto brake which is applied instantly the minute you jump off.

The spectra board comes with a capable battery which is same battery that Tesla’s Electric car uses. The battery uses a mag-safe charger and charges in under 90 minutes.

The cost of the E-skateboard (Spectra) is found to be $299 and $399.

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