Do you want the best smartphone under 15000? Are you looking for the best smartphone with good camera quality, great battery backup, enhanced performance with the good processor? Here is the best smartphone under INR.15000 ($235) “Coolpad Cool Play 6″.

The coolpad cool play 6 is geared with a metal unibody that provides the smartphone user a sophisticated appearance, yet it is sturdy enough to withstand the usual grind of daily life. The metal body is crafted as a single unit which enhances the users play with ease of handling.

The smartphone comes with the graceful looks and better clarity with 5.5 FHD which brings great clarity to user’s entertainment and crystal clear details to every visual on display. The smartphone display is sized to 5.5 Inches with IPS full HD clarity display with Android Nougat 7.0 operating system.

There are many smartphones under INR.15000 but the main reason to choose this smartphone is that its processor. All other smartphones under this range may be providing good camera qualities, good screen display, big screen, High RAM and ROM but I definitely guarantee not the good and outstanding processor. The processor is the main component of the smartphone which enhances the user experience and speed. Although user’s smartphone has more RAM and ROM and not the good processor, they face the problem of lagging in operation and overloading of the processor.coolpad cool play 6

Coolpad Coolplay 6 is fitted with QC Snapdragon 653 processor which gives outstanding graphic and multimedia performance to the fore. At this range, smartphone providing this range of processor is a great deal to the user providing an immensely brilliant visual display while keeping the power consumption low. It is fully supported by the Qualcomm Adreno 510 GPU. The download speed is supported up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

It is not the phone specification which is given by all the smartphones with such features. I have been using a phone which has only 2 GB of RAM with the worst processor which was lagging time by time. It has a great camera quality with good display and clarity but not in compared to speed and performance. This caused me to buy another smartphone. I don’t want you to do this. Look for the smartphone which is giving you the best processor performance like the Coolpad Coolplay 6.

The speed of the coolpad cool play 6 will change the way of your playing, watching and all other experience through our phone. It is inbuilt with 64 GB (gigabytes) of internal storage and a massive 6 GB (gigabytes) RAM. Oh yeah! 6 GB of RAM smartphone under 15000, this will provide you with a pace that is hardly seen anywhere else.

coolpad cool play 6We all go with a lot of things to our phone such as music playing, gaming, surfing, chatting etc. and this is more effective and not disturbing when the battery backup is enhanced. We always face some cases where we need to travel and need our phone battery to give favor side with us. Coolpad Cool play 6 provide that favor by providing 4000 mAH battery capacity which stands up to 300 hours.

Coolpad cool play 6 comes with the dual camera each with 13 MP (13 MP+ 13 MP) with autofocus which helps you capture the life’s best moments with great clarity and depth. The coolpad cool play 6 provides a dual camera to ensure that every image the user take fits right into your memory of the most perfect of moments in their life. Not only this, a selfie is also considered as the most trending image capturing method. Considering this in basic need it provides 8 MP of front-facing selfie camera through which user get right and clear selfie images.

Unlike the other smartphone fingerprint unlocking system is an obvious demand of every smartphone user. Therefore it provides a superfast fingerprint sensor which helps you instantly unlock and open application with fingerprint tech.

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