This year for the first time in 24 years history E3 video game showcase will allow 15000 video game fans to attend. This showcase will be the biggest in the history for gamers.

“E3 Originally was a retail conference, about connecting buyers with the publishers,” said Piers Harding-Rolls of the consolatory 1HS Markit.

E3 video game showcase will begin on Tuesday 13 July but different other studios have held their own showcase and broadcast them to fans online. These studios including Microsoft and Sony aimed to broadcast the gaming showcase earlier to their fans to attract the view towards them.

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony has already announced for their new features in the Gaming Zone. They have announced some news projects and their projects features for their fans.

Microsoft Scorpio Project
Microsoft Scorpio Project

Microsoft announced the project named Scorpion in 2016 which was working on the most powerful console ever. It says that the features is not limiting in Ultra high definition 4K games but also some with Artificial Intelligences.

Mr. Harding Rolls said, ” This will re-establish their credentials with the games who want the highest graphical capability.”

Nintendo Switch Console
Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo also says that its new switch console is off to make the company’s fast start selling the device. The announcement of switch console was done in 2016 E3 exhibition.

However, Nintendo is also in try to surprise their game fans with some new features and games qualities at this E3  game exhibition 2017.

Sony Playstation VR
Sony Playstation VR

Sony sales it’s virtual reality kit for the play station 4 with more than millions people picking up PS VR headset. But the main challenge is to compile people to invest in these costly kits.

Mr. Harding Rolls said,” It’s a key focus for Sony because it is different from what is offering with Xbox.”


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