Apple has announced its new smart speaker ‘HomePad’ for their fans challenging Amazon Alexa and Google’s Home.

HomePad is a voice activated loudspeaker powered by Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. It is the first smart speaker revealed by the Apple in the market after Amazon and Google.

Apple has announced that the HomePad will be released coming December in certain territories including the US for $349.

HomePad can respond to questions and control smart home gadgets such as lights, fans, IOT devices. Analysts say Apple has been slow to improve its Siri Virtual Assistant and launch smart speaker after Amazon launched its Echo in 2014.

This smart speaker from Apple is 7″ tall device covered within a 3D mesh fabric. It uses A8 processor to process and sense various sounds related elements in a given room.

Siri is the key element in HomePad. With the help of the virtual assistant Siri, the HomePad will be able to manage the home lights, fans and answer the questions about news, weather, and sports scores.

Tom Warren from technology news site said, ” Apple is being very clever by launching its Siri speaker as a music speaker that’s smart because Siri isn’t great.”

“It is the logical step for Apple to ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity to get a smart device right in the center of people’s home,” said Ben Wood, an industry analyst at CCS Insight.

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