Android 8.1 Oreo has started releasing the version through the new smartphone Pixel and Pixel 2. Oreo enhanced with lots of features along with the new feature WiFi Speed labels which the speed label as ‘SLOW’, ‘OK’, ‘FAST’ or ‘VERY FAST’. 

Apart from the bug fixes and general performance improvement, speed enhancement, it is integrated with the latest feature that will show users live speed of certain public Wi-Fi networks. This feature is available in the Android Oreo with the label Wi-Fi speed label in the setting section which will show the speed of the network whether it is ‘Slow’, ‘fast’, ‘ok’ or ‘very fast’.

Android Oreo provides you the picture-in-picture mode supports, means you can continue a video call in Duo, use Google Maps navigation or stream a video from various supported apps at the same time. The setting app has been redesigned completely which provides a unique view to the users. The slide-out menu is gone and setting are recategorized.

It improves the smart selection as well as copy-paste experience with the help of the user finger press movements. It will identify things like address, phone number, Pincode, etc by its own and highlights relevant words and recommends the next logical app with the help of the suggested app. It is also included in the app scanner which scans the app and makes sure for the safe app. This menu is found in the setting app under security.

With this update in Android, Android 8.1 oreo provides open network notification which displays the network name or SSID and directly connects to the network. Another change in the connectivity is Bluetooth connectivity with Android Auto, audio improvements while recording video, touchscreen sensitivity and more.

These Wi-Fi speed labels define the speed of the networks. According to the Orrin forum page “Slow” defines the speeds between 0 to 1 Mbps, “Ok” defines the speeds between 1 to 5 Mbps, while “Fast” label defines speeds between 5 Mbps and “very fast” label defines speeds more than 20 Mbps.

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