Hello, iPhone fans. we have got a terrific news on iPhone app. 9 iPhone apps are on sale today for free today. Check it out and get it now. We don’t know how long this offer hold. It can hold for few hours or for a week.


Pictasave is an app that provides you features to save pictures from Instagram.


Normal Price: $1.99 


  1. Full HD video and images download
  2. Photo download
  3. Easy step by step user interface
  4. Instagram URL copy
  5. Easy to paste option
  6. Automatic save option

Download PictaSave here 

BLINK (Instagram Photo Editor)

Blink is a photo editor for iOS. This provides you the beautiful frames and designed tools for your images to design it beautifully. It also provides you filter and text for your photos.
blinkNormal Price: $3.99 


  1. High-quality filters
  2. Stunning effects
  3. Beautiful texts
  4. Artistic frames and border
  5. Simple sharing

Download Blink – Instagram Photo editor here

CALC – Swift

CALC is an app for calculating math in iPhones. It is featured with 7.5K review and provided time-saving calculations steps. It is designed in such a way that you can calculate your math in seconds by a smooth user interface. It is a super intelligent, multifunctional scientific calculator which let you do you math like a scientist. It includes on screen timer, notification center widgets, custom keyboard, many pre set features such as date and time, based computation and the limitless combination of colors, fonts, shapes, and size.calcNormal Price: $1.99

Download CALC – Swift here

Group Text Message

Are you stuck in sending a message to the group? Here is the solution to send group text message. This app provides you features to send group text message. Collect your contacts with this app and send them a text message in a group. You can also create a group and save them for later use.group-messagingNormal Price: $0.99


  1. Text message, iMessage, or email to contact
  2. Create and manage contact group
  3. Smart group management
  4. Private group management
  5. Photo attachment facility
  6. Multiple templates

Download Group text message here

Drive Monster Truck

Drive Monster Truck is a game. It is offered with Jump and Drives features.

monster truckNormal Price: $1.99

Download Drive MOnster Truck here

Personal Money Manager

It is an expense tracker designed to help you track your daily or monthly expenses, income, bills, account balances. It also provides you the option and simply of graphs and charts.personal money appNormal Price: $1.99


  1. one balance for all transaction
  2. financial statement
  3. revenue and expense management
  4. comfortable adding new events
  5. static review
  6. world currency
  7. fast access
  8. easy to use
  9. remainder system

Download Personal Money Manager here

Best Meme

It is a universal app that provides you the platform to create meme images from your personal pictures. It also provides the sharing features on facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, emails, and SMS.best memeNormal Price: $1.99

Download Best meme here


It is an app for storing and editing notes on the cloud. You will now lose data and information on this note because it works on the parse backend. You can also store audio, video, images, and hits into this notes.

noteNormal Price: $1.99


  1. Easy to insert, update, and delete
  2. Supports text video, images
  3. Supports Audio

Download Note here

Strong Room

The Strong room is like a wallet which stores all the login of social networks and other website account information.

strong roomNormal Price: $1.99


  1. Easy to add and delete
  2. username, password and site name
  3. multiple addition options
  4. template options
  5. Copy to clipboard

Download Strong Room here

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