Monday, December 17, 2018
game of browsers

The Best 5 Browser Add-ons to Protect Your Privacy Online

Being on the Internet has its benefits. You meet people, learn things and live updated with the happenings but what about your privacy. Well, in the present times there is no such...
android vulnerability

Android new vulnerability granting hackers to hack application

A serious new vulnerability has been found in Android which allows hackers to hack your smartphone. They can Modify the android application code without affecting their signature. This vulnerability in the Android is...

Amazon Web Server Become Unprotected For US Military Data

Amazon web server found unprotected for US military data when the files have found on a publicly accessible Amazon server by a security researcher. More than 60,000 important files related to US...
ransomware notice

WannaCry Ransomware Analysis Suggests Chinese Link

New analysis on WannaCry Ransomware cyber attack has made by the researcher. The attack affected thousands of organizations worldwide. The analysis suggests Chinese speaking criminals may be behind this WannaCry Ransomware...