TLS Test and SSL Checker help you check the support of TLS/SSL Cipher and Cryptographic Flaws

It is very important to check whether your server service provides you the full support of TLS and SSL ciphers or not. is a there to test these availabilities of...
Google tracking credit and debit cards

Google Planning To Track Credit Card and Debit Card

Google is planning to track credit card and debit cards spending offline and online to compare online ad clicks with money spend offline. Announcing the plan to track the credit card and...
ransomware notice

WannaCry Ransomware Cyber-Attack Hits 150 countries

The WannaCry ransomware cyber attack hits countries on Friday, 12 may 2017 infecting more than 230000 computers more than 150 countries. The attack software demanded ransom payments in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin...
free VPN

Be Aware of Free VPNs – Malware, User Privacy Failure Found

One out of five applications from the best 150 free VPN Android applications in Google's Play Store was hailed as a potential wellspring of malware, while a fourth of...
ransomware notice

WannaCry Ransomware Analysis Suggests Chinese Link

New analysis on WannaCry Ransomware cyber attack has made by the researcher. The attack affected thousands of organizations worldwide. The analysis suggests Chinese speaking criminals may be behind this WannaCry Ransomware...
202 millioin of data of chinese job seekers data leaked from MongoDB

202 Million Private Resume Data Leak From MongoDB server

MongoDB is well known and popularly used database in IT industries but it has failed in providing security to the data. Millions of Job seekers data leak from MongoDB...
hacking nestcam - how to protect yourself

Hacking Nest Cams is Possible – How to Protect Yourself

In trending digital and cyber-crime world, bypassing or hacking the authentication level is not a big task. Therefore all those IOT devices are open a door to malicious activities....