Friday, January 19, 2018

Nepal Announced to build largest Hydroelectric Plant

Nepal Electricity Authority has announced to build the largest hydroelectric plant to improve energy shortage in Nepal. Nepal has announced to build Ink Mega Hydropower with the help of Chinese company "China...

Amazon Web Server Become Unprotected For US Military Data

Amazon web server found unprotected for US military data when the files have found on a publicly accessible Amazon server by a security researcher. More than 60,000 important files related to US...

Google Enable Publishers To Charge Users For Ad-Blockers

Google asks people who use ad-blocker to either enable advertising or make a payment to view the content without any ads. At Blog, Google said, " Payment system will release first in...

Social Media Become Important for US Visa Applicants

Social Media become very important session for US visa applicants. The president of the United State has approved a plan to ask Visa applicants for details of their social media use. This also...
ransomware notice

WannaCry Ransomware Analysis Suggests Chinese Link

New analysis on WannaCry Ransomware cyber attack has made by the researcher. The attack affected thousands of organizations worldwide. The analysis suggests Chinese speaking criminals may be behind this WannaCry Ransomware...
AlphaGo defeats Top Player Ke Jie

Google AlphaGo AI Defeated Top Go Player Ke Jie

Google’s DeepMind Intelligence has defeated world’s top Go player Ke Jie. Ke Jie, the world’s number one Go Player defeated in the second game in the three-part match. After the defeat, Jie told,...
Google tracking credit and debit cards

Google Planning To Track Credit Card and Debit Card

Google is planning to track credit card and debit cards spending offline and online to compare online ad clicks with money spend offline. Announcing the plan to track the credit card and...
Google I/O

Google Conference I/O Announces Some new Feature

Tech news is promising the news reader more than they develop in the Artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Google’s annual developer conference program helps this week near its mountain view headquarters....

Royal Enfield Planning to Buy Ducati

Royal Enfield Planning to Buy Ducati Royal Enfield is also getting to purchase Italian bike brand Ducati, a modern report has indicated. German automobile conglomerate Volkswagen owns Italian brand Ducati and...

Apple Tips for iPhone Camera Features

Apple Tips for iPhone Camera Features It's very uncomfortable to take photos while you are on the video shoot. It's a common problem in most of the smartphones. But this problem...