Most net users are as loyal to their browser as they’re to their bank, doctor, or their car insurer.

You have your favorites in one place, your browser is aware of your (search) history, and, who extremely desires to enter all their passwords once more simply because there are totally different (not essentially better), choices out there?

Even though your browser of choice could have its quirks, it’s usually ‘better the devil you know’ and sticking to identical browser makes life simply that little bit easier for you.

If this is often you, you actually are not in the minority, however, this might even be the miscalculation.

Internet browsers have returned an extended approach since you started online searching, and also the browser you once could have thought was a lost cause, won’t be so any longer.

Here’s a review of the internet browser choices available to you, and my conclusion on that one is that the best for everyday use.

Google Chrome

The biggest good thing about Chrome is its mobile integration. All platforms have access to the app, and by signing into your Google account you’ll have access to your browsing history and favorites on all of your devices.Chrome is growing in quality and there are some very good reasons for that.

Apart from its convenience, Chrome contains a large range of extensions thus you’ll customize it to fit your own wants, it’s fast, easy-to-use and gets the work through with minimum fuss.

Google Chrome


Chrome will take up a good little bit of memory, however, overall, unless you are using a device with a small quantity of memory, it wins hands down on behalf of me.

The available features of Google Chrome are

  1. Bookmarks and settings synchronization
  2. Web standards support
  3. Security
  4. Security vulnerabilities
  5. Malware blocking
  6. Plugins
  7. Privacy
  8. color management
  9. Desktop shortcut
  10. Extension

You can download Google Chrome  here 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge
Microsoft Edger

Edge is Window’s most up-to-date addition to the browsing family and is that the default browser for all Windows ten users.

Edge is super easy, quick to load, it’s an app that may be integrated with Window’s 10 tablets, and it is a lot of sleeker version of its predecessor, web explorer.

Edge could be a bit plain for my feeling. With restricted customization choices, I do not feel I purchase the personal touch that I do with Chrome. the largest downside is that it is not on the market on IOS or Android devices which implies it cannot command an equivalent loyalty among users that Chrome can.

Those nit-picks aside, Edge offers a solid browsing experience and comes a detailed second on behalf of me.

Download  Microsoft Edge here.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is somewhat okay for me but not 100%. It is good browser and receives the regular update and new features, therefore, it’s perfect for running in the background. The search bar and computer address boxes are still separated on the house page that makes it less efficient than its newer counterparts.

Mozilla firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Firefox lacks energy and may be slow to load however it still will what it says on the tin, simply not as quickly or as elegantly as Chrome and Edge.

The available features of Mozilla Firefox are

  1. Standards
  2. Security
  3. Localization
  4. Platform availability

Download Mozilla Firefox here.


Safari a great web browser. It is developed by Apple using a WebKit Engine. It is a default browser on Apple devices like the internet explorer in windows. It is well designed with the great look that ever any browser got. It really feels smooth and easy to use in compared to the other browser.

Apple Safari

I have been using this browser for a long time and I actually like it. The great feature of Safari is that it provides you the proper navigation with the smooth and nice look. It gives you the option of bookmarking many sites with great thumbnail design.

There are 10 different series of safari from Safari 1 to Safari 10 and they all come with the different features.

The General features of Safari are

  1. Browsing and Search Snapback
  2. URL Path Navigation
  3. Web Inspector
  4. Activity Window
  5. Inline Dictionary
  6. Selection to Speech
  7. Quick Notes
  8. Email Page Link

Download your safari here.



Opera is a web browser developed by Opera software. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It uses the Blink layout engine. From my point of view, this is a good browser for the smartphone but I don’t recommend for the computer one. It is not mean that it not good, but there are other browsers which provide you the best experience than Opera. During the year 2014, it interacted with 300+ million users on the computer and 250+ millions of mobile users.

The available features of Opera are

  1. Usability and Accessibility
  2. Privacy and security
  3. Standard support
  4. Great design and looks

Download your Opera browser here.

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