In this competitive world, every company needs high efficiency from all its employees to surface above the competition and turn the business profitable. In such a case, having people dedicated to one task only, especially when there are agencies that provide the same services at a better and cheaper rate, does not make a feasible business sense. Such is the case with hiring an in-house SEO team for your company.

What is an in-house SEO?

SEO refers to optimizing websites, website pages, and content, to improve the company’s search rankings on search engines. An SEO specializes in analyzing, reviewing and implementing changes on a website in an effort to garner more traffic to the website.

SEO encompasses two major parts, the technical part, which refers to the coding part of website development and the pages. The other is the creative part, where, how the article’s written format and other aspects are optimized for better search rankings. SEO is used to improve the organic rankings in search results, in order to increase website hits exponentially.SearchEngineOptimization

Keyword research is an important part of SEO

First, a business has to know which keywords to target, before they can put together a plan to improve its rankings and traffic from search engines. Each page on your domain should target one or two unique keywords. This research and optimization are what makes SEO skill-sets unique and irreplaceable.keyword

However, just having one SEO expert isn’t sufficient to handle the daily requirements that entail for optimizing a website. The salary of an SEO specialist is also another factor that is of concern. Therefore, hiring an SEO specialist alone for the job doesn’t justify the business sense.

For the work done by one specialist alone, it is not efficient to keep an in-house SEO specialist for your website. On the other hand, hiring an agency has more resources to address SEO requirements more efficiently and cost-effectively. Thus, an agency delivers a better-optimized page as compared to hiring different specialists individually.

Reasons to outsource SEO requirementsseo-1

    1. Agencies have an entire department dedicated to handling a company’s requirements

      Having an entire team devoted to the work on SEO helps cover all aspects of it. The technical, research, creative and links generating aspects are all covered by an agency better. Also having a whole team helps get second opinions on any decision by specialists in the same field. Hence the decisions made in this case are carefully thought out and well implemented. As professionals, they make use of advanced tools that many companies otherwise would know of. The use of these tools helps in the optimization process for analytics and other relevant tasks related to SEO. Hence, by outsourcing, you can get quality solutions to your requirements.

      1. They are more cost effective

        Individual specialists in the different fields of SEO have high average salaries. Thus, for an in-house team, the costs are very high. On the other hand, outsourcing the work to agencies helps keep the costs low, as they use a big team of specialists for multiple clients, which reduces the cost per customer for providing SEO services. Thus, it helps in keeping the costs low and getting better results.

    1. You may not need dedicated SEO

      In the case when your website isn’t very elaborate, you don’t need a dedicated specialist team to manage your company’s SEO requirements. You can have anyone in your business do the work in that case as the cost of a dedicated SEO is not justified. Outsourcing it will help keep costs down if you want specialists to manage it.

    1. Quicker results

      As you have a group of experts in the field working on the task, the work will be handled more efficiently. Since they have an experience with working for other companies as well, they will know what works best and the fastest. Thus, you will have much quicker results for the optimization, as they also have the tools and connections to make things work faster.

    2. Integration with marketing strategies

      By outsourcing, the workload is shifted from your already busy marketing team onto a dedicated team. This shift of work allows the marketing team to work more freely and also get the optimization work done to exact specifications to what they require. It helps for better integration with the marketing team, as within the same company, people wouldn’t want to hear from their juniors if something is wrong. Outsourcing makes the inputs external, which allows for better integration of all inputs with the team.

    3. Proven experience

      As the agency has been in the business of SEO as a service, they have a huge client base who have used the service before, and it has been tried and tested to give good and efficient results. Thus, you might have a better chance at attaining good results and drive a better value for all the money you invest into the service. The same cannot be ensured for an in-house SEO team as there is no measure for their performance level to judge their work.

  1. Performance driven work

    Being an agency, it is important for them to deliver good results, as in their business, bad results mean a bad reputation that follows. This can affect any future contracts they can get for SEO, as nobody wants a team with a bad review working for them. Thus they will always strive to give you the desired results, which is not necessarily the case with an in-house team, as they have no dire consequences on their head if they don’t perform.


    In almost all regards, if you don’t have a large organization, having a dedicated SEO team in-house isn’t the best value for your money, and there is also no direct measure of their effectiveness. It is beneficial for you to go for the option of outsourcing to a reputed agency, which will deliver more efficient results and with a smaller bill as compared to an in-house team. They will also be more advanced as a team, as they use various tools and methods to get the work done.


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